Whats the cost of sub-standard cleaning?

So whats the cost to keep on your poor performing cleaners?

Ask yourself the reason why you hired commercial cleaners? Was it to make your office or facility look cleaner? Or you just didn’t want to think about the cleaning at all? Could it be that you expected a better clean but you are not getting the cleaning standard you expected.

If you’re having to manage the cleaner by either asking for certain cleaning items to be completed, or having to clean up after the cleaner- chances are they are not the right fit for your business. So whats the cost of having sub-standard cleaners?

Here are some items to calculate:

  1. Add up the time you spend on managing the cleaner, or contacting their manager to discuss your cleaning issues,
  2. Add up the time you spend managing the cleaning internally,
  3. Add up the time you clean up after the cleaner has been in,

Consider the following: Poor cleaning usually means that your office or facility looks unmaintained and simply not clean.

What is the cost of the poor service (Permanent marks on walls, flooring in poor state, have they damaged your property in any way)

Add in these costs;

  1. What is the cost to repair, fix, replace or improve such items in disrepair or poorly maintained ?
  2. How much time will you spend to search for, meet, review and finally appoint new commercial cleaners
  3. How much time will you spend getting the new cleaners up to speed.
  4. Did your new cleaners price up a “Spring cleaning” charges to bring the site up to standard?

This illustrates the cost of poor performing commercial cleaners in your premise. It can really add up!

Choose quality commercial cleaners!