Often cleaning companies work on very low profit margins and as such either contract out their cleaning work or pay their staff just above award rate. In owning cleaning business, I can say I have used both options as general business management.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with this as such, these options usually has a flow on affect. The cleaning staff are usually the ones having to drive time onsite and be economical as possible, clean well and earn a living.

The Office Cleaners just focuses on office cleaning and we don’t spread ourselves thin over many other industry sectors. We pay our staff well above award and make sure the “cleaning time” allocated on each of our sites are fair. If I can clean it to budget, so can our staff! I don’t have an unrealistic exception to get our cleaners to do a 4 hour clean in 2 hours, as an example. This reduces the stress and hassle for all staff AND allows for a consistent, high quality clean on our client sites. Ultimately our clients can see that our staff are paid well and in turn get a high quality clean. Its a socially responsible and is part of what we do. Our success comes with our like minded clients and staff who know they are being treated fairly.