Quality of cleaning vs Costs

Eventually, I get from some clients is the need to reduce their cleaning budget onsite. Often there are many companies willing to comply with such request but at a cost of the quality of cleaning onsite. Sometimes the best work around for this for clients is the most simple idea.

being in the industry for many years, you get to read prospective clients body language. What are they after- a cleaner premise, tire kicking or are they looking to reduce their cleaning budget? Its absolutely fine to want a gold class cleaning service on a bronze budget! Here is a simple work around we have used with our potential new clients:

  1. We absolutely listen to our clients needs and wants and establish what is the most important decider for them- A higher cleaning standard, Reduced cleaning budget or are they testing the market.
  2. We make sure we quote on the work to be done well.
  3. We give our clients great cleaning options particularly when the cleaning budget is a factor.
  4. We make sure that ANY cleaning undertaken is of a high standard no matter how large or small the client.

When presenting clients with our cleaning proposal we would suggest that a client reduce their cleaning days, for example: From 3 to 2 days. Its our view that instead of streatching the client budget over the usual cleaning frequency, in this example 3 days, knowing that the allocated hours are thin and the service is less than average, we would perform 2 days cleaning at a much hiigher standard, which always works better for the client and for the company. Often the clients cant believe that there is no real cleaning drop off.

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